Build a Shed with Pallets VS Do It Yourself Shed Kits

Published: 09th March 2010
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How to build a shed, and have it look like a professional built it, even if you can't afford to build one with new lumber. Build a shed with pallets vs. do it yourself shed kits do you know which one will be cheaper to build? You'll be surprised to discover the difference between these two methods.

Keep reading to unlock my secret to free quality lumber.

Build a shed with pallets:

When you think about a shed built with pallets you probable think about a rickety old looking shed but believe it or not, you can actually make a quality shed out of pallets. If you decide to us pallets to build your shed there are some things you need to keep in mind.

First, you will need to buy all the hardware like nails, screws and the brackets to hold the roof on which you will need to factor into your budget.

Second, you will need plywood to finish your shed and then paint to protect it and make it look good. I recommend buying quality paint, brushes and rollers because it will last longer and look better.

Third, you will need a quality set of plans to make building easy and fast. You could try to build it without plans but it might look like the rickety old shed we talked about earlier.

Do it yourself shed kits:

If you buy a do it yourself shed kit you will get a step-by-step guide, plans and with a good kit, detailed drawings. It is easy and fun to build a shed from a kit but again there are some things to think about.

First, not all do it yourself shed kits come with lumber to build your shed so you will need to buy it from a store. However, there is another was to get lumber for your shed and it's free. I will get to that in a minute.

Second, if you buy a shed kit with the wood included it will probably be unfinished wood. You will then need to factor in the cost of paint or stain to finish and protect your shed.

In conclusion, it will be cheaper to build a shed with pallets because you can get the pallets free form most building stores. A set of good shed plans will be around $50, which is very cheap, and it will make building your shed ten times faster.

Now for my little secret to free lumber, go to all the welding fabrication shops in your area and ask them if you could have any pallets that come in. Now are you're thinking how is that any different then asking the hardware stores for pallets?

Well, welding shops usually, get large material in that comes on large pallets. You will be able to get 4x4's, 1x4's and lots of other wood and it's anywhere from 10-30 feet long.

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